Brian Roys

Senior Software Engineer / Developer


October 2013



Executive Summary:

·         Highly productive in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

·         Skilled at crafting User Interface, Business Logic and Database Backend.

·         Over thirty years of solid professional experience developing software solutions.

·         Excellent people and communication skills (verbal and written), successfully managing very remote engineers and heading up small development teams.

·         Delivering software solutions to a wide range of industries including accounting, telephony, engineering, credit/collections, insurance, software, sales and credit card transactions.

·         Developed the award winning LinkFixerPlus (Best of Show at 2002 Internet World).

Core Technologies:

ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, T-SQL, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, jQuery, XML, MicroStation Development LanguagE (MDL), C.

Professional Experience:
(Note: all experience has been in the Tampa Bay area, out of state addresses refer to business address)

Aricent / Senior Project Engineer                                             May 2012 – October 2013

East Brunswick Township, NJ

Contracted to Verizon Data Services.


Parallel to the existing IDDS team I was tasked to enhance their legacy tool.


MicroStation Development Language (MDL), C++, Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Office 2010, CVS, Python, Oracle 11, views & triggers.

Loop LLC / Senior Software Engineer                                      February 2010 – May 2012

Clearwater, FL 33755


Added major features and fixed bugs in the flagship product (AutoLoop) in a very high paced work environment as part of one of the three teams of engineers. Continuously improving the speed, accuracy and stability of the product through the application of Best Practices and technologies.


ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, Visual Studio 2008/2010, jQuery, DAL, Tortoise SVN, Tortoise Git, OOD/OOP, XML, MS SQL (T-SQL) Server 2008, Stored Procedures, Database Administration, Web Forms, CSS, SaaS, Agile, Scrum.

Independent Contractor
Key Insurance                                                                          August 2011 -- April 2012

Tampa, FL


Delivered a suite of web-based corporate infrastructure applications for a healthcare insurance business.

1.     Business analysis of client’s needs.

2.     Developed expandable foundation architecture to accommodate near and long-term business needs.

3.     Developed modular implementation proposals including specifications, requirements and timelines.

4.     Built the database, GUI, business logic and backend processes, delivering modules on triaged basis.

5.     Performed development and production environment testing, including regression testing for subsequent module rollouts.

6.     Provided training, support, documentation and trouble shooting.


ASP.NET, C#, Visual Studio 2008, MS SQL Server 2008, T-SQL (scripts, stored procedures, triggers, indexes, optimization).

Youngsoft Inc. / Software Architect                                          January 2006 – October 2008

Wixom, MI  48393

Contracted to Integrated Health Plan.


Placed in a PPO Network (Healthcare insurance) business as a solo development resource.

·         Developed, from the ground up, an n-tier system to process electronic healthcare insurance claims.

·         Total responsibility for all fourteen solutions and had direct hands-on involvement in all steps of development from collecting requirements, writing specifications (including requested flow charts), GUI crafting, coding of business logic, testing, deploying and writing both technical and user documentation.

·         Designed and optimized database tables, indexes, etc.

·         Delivering products in extremely short cycles, usually less than two weeks.


VB.NET (desktop, server and smart-client applications), Visual Studio 2003-2005, OOD/OOP, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Web Services, WSDL, SOAP, XML. Multi-Threading, MS Server 2003, Web Forms, WinForms, T-SQL, RAD, EDI - ANSI ASC X12, B2B, Win32 API, n-Tier, OCR, Crystal Reports, Agile Programming, Windows Service, Client/Server.

Independent Contractor
Citrus Healthcare Insurance                                                     August 2004

Tampa, FL


Built a web-app to calculate healthcare insurance quotes.



Corpus / Senior Software Engineer                                          October 2004 – January 2006

Irving, TX  75063


Led the IDDS/MDL team (six members) in the Verizon ICGS software conversion project, upgrading their tools from MicroStation Version 7 to Version 8 including enhancements and the integration of GeoGraphics and ProjectWise.

·         Facilitated communication with offshore programmers.

·         Twice cleared the list of assigned tasks before any other Software Engineers cleared their first list.

·         As top developer, was retained through every RIF to the very end of the project.


MicroStation Development Language (MDL), SQL, Concurrent Version System (CVS), Bug Tracker, MicroStation CAD, Windows XP.

Pegasus / Software Engineer                                                   March 2002 – October 2004

4522 West Spruce Street, Suite 200

Tampa, FL  33607


Handled a wide variety of development needs:

·         Had full responsibility for the Barcode recognition/creating ActiveX control through several minor and one major release. This entailed interacting with company scientists and implementing their work. Created standards and procedures for this product.

·         The “Go to” person for creation of development tools: test engines for the barcode and OCR ActiveX controls, and a font sample creation tool that generated multi-page Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) documents.

·         Created toolbar and context menu sub controls for Pegasus’ ImagXpress graphic control. These were fully customizable, lightweight (non-MFC) and in very clean Object Oriented C++.

·         Developed the Web Demo for the ImagXpress ActiveX control.

·         Overhauled the Help file systems for the entire product line.


C/C++, VB 6, VB.NET, C#.NET, ActiveX, COM, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, DHTML, OOP/OOD, RoboHelp, Word, Visual Win32 API, SourceSafe, Dev Track, Windows XP, OCR, Barcodes, CSS.

Axiom International / Senior Software Engineer                       April 1992 – January 2002

1805 Drew Street

Clearwater, FL


Had an on-going contract to develop a wide range of commercial software products primarily for the CAD industry:

·         Bailed-out the LinkFixerPlus project that had stalled for over eighteen months and still met a six-month deadline. This included a complete rewrite, coordinating with many remote programmers and the development of fault tolerant algorithms for a revolutionary new product. Received written commendations and won Best of Show award at Internet World Fall 2002.

·         Re-engineered Axiom's licensing system, implemented on all products company-wide.

·         Developed the new generation of their cell library documentation and management applications. Brought CellManager up through version 7.2b.

·         Took total responsibility for maintaining and enhancing RefManager, EDR (Reference file editor) and Remover (Duplicate element remover).

·         Created, on a one-week deadline, the SoftLink product. Running from within MicroStation it precisely cuts and pastes Word DOC and Excel XLS files into a MicroStation design file page by page. This was accomplished with "DDE" calls from a MicroStation BASIC (very esoteric) macro. Received many written commendations for bringing it in on time.

·         Delivered on three subcontracts to GTE Data Services (now Verizon Data Services). Received written commendations for production and people skills.


MicroStation Development Language (MDL), C/C++, Visual Basic 6, MicroStation BASIC, HTML, CSS, BugTracker, JYACS, MicroStation CAD, Windows NT, Windows 86, DOS, CLIX.

Southern DataComm / Programmer                                         November 1991 – April 1992

Clearwater, FL


·         Developed the Pops-ON (DOS/TSR) utility to capture data from any displayed screen, prompt for further data, formulate a credit card transaction for transmission, and then process the response. This utility was complete with configuration functions, reports and help screens. Vermont Views Designer was utilized to create this software.

TTI / System Analyst                                                                October 1990 – October 1991


·         Created and installed an automated Credit & Collections dispatching system for Kansas City Power & Light involving a Unisys-to-PS/2 interface and communication between the dispatcher’s computer (the PS/2) and mobile units (DOS based Grid computers) through a DataRadio Network.

Practical Software, Inc. / VP Programming                              July 1985 – October 1990


·         Started as a Programmer at the inception of PSI, advancing to the level of Vice President of Programming. The major focus was on development of new applications.

RealWorld, Inc. / Programmer                                                  March 1982 – July 1985


·         Started as a COBOL Programmer Trainee, quickly advanced, and achieved the position of Special Programming Unit Programmer (the unit later became Practical Software).