Back in July of 1989 I was approached by a friend (boss’ ex-wife) who was running a small newspaper. She asked me to write an article comparing the Apple Macintosh to an IBM PC which I did. She also asked a Mac fanatic to write his side of the story and the two, side by side were the front page stories. I recently found a torn up copy of the paper and want to transcribe the copy here:

Viewpoint by Brian Roys


Hi. My name is Brian Roys and I am a Programmer. I work all day long on computers and I’m in favor of the ‘PC’ family of computers. This includes the IBM and all the “clones” it has spawned.

I can really get down to business and produce like crazy with my PC (I have a ‘PCs Limited 286-12’), whereas the Macintosh’s User Interface and operating system would “insulate” me too much from the power of the computer. A PC can be customized to the nth degree with the operating system and accessory programs to the point where I’m only a keystroke from any of my usual duties.

A computer’s power is only valuable when you can access it without strain. Now this applies to programming a computer as much as it does to the average user. With a PC I can make it do what I want without any “overhead”. PCs don’t require you to do things a specific way or use specific tools unless you want to. The programs can be run on a PC do require you to run things specific ways but this can be tailored to the user and the job at hand. That’s the job of Programmers. The PCs interface is not all lumped into one black and white kind of interface.

The interface of PC programs has what is needed to get the job done without built in bells and whistles. The power of a PC is accessibility.

Thank you for listening to my opinion.

(Brian Roys is a full-time award winning professional programmer working at Practical Software, Inc. in Clearwater, Fl)