1973, my best friend Jed Smith showed me his latest achievement: an extra wide strip of adding machine tape with funny printings on it. “This is a computer program – it does this, then it does this, then it does this and it does all this over and over again until this is zero.” I responded with “Oh. I know how to do that. I can do that. I’m going to be a Programmer when I grow up.”

That sums up the entirety of my career planning. I drifted off plan over the years, I was distracted, I was a kid, I didn’t realize it was my destiny and I certainly didn’t realize the value it would have.

That summer I rode the bus down to the University Bookstore in Seattle and bought the college textbook on Fortran programming and read it from cover to cover – I knew how to program inĀ Fortran.

Once i was in high school I had access to the Wang 600 Desktop Programmable Calculator and the school’s mainframe for Fortran programming.

As a Freshman at the University of Washington I took Engineering 123 – Fortran and aced it: 4.0.

1982 I was hired on at Micro Business Software Inc (MBSI) as a Programmer Trainee and I’ve been developing software ever since.