On our last visit to my dad, Frank A Roys, I scribbled down an evening’s worth of storytelling. I’m transcribing it here for posterity. 

1930, Winfield Kansas

Dad worked for Jack Lane Chevrolet. Networking, until summer of ’35.

Keith born 1930, March 25th.

Frame house, first lived in an apartment. Remember two bedroom house but it must have been three because Aunt Emma, Lidia’s kid sister, came to live with us.

Hary Longfeffer — quiet the joker – “Over the fence the cow some hay throw.”

FRANKIE HALBERT – kid next door works himself up into frenzy, hit Frank in the nose give him a nose bleed and run home to tell his mother he was in a fight. After five or six times I saw him winding up, blocked his punch, caught him as he ran away, use wasteband on the ground where I found a rock from garden and hit him in the back of the head – put an end to that. 6 years old. His mother came over screaming , my mother and Aunt Emma were laughing about the “I’m dying…”

Dad worked for a Chevy dealership so every year or two we would have a new car.

Aunt Helena (Lena) married Longfeffer (Longhoffer?), had Clifford one month younger than Frank. 

John Litke, born in Warsaw Poland, in the German Ghetto. Moved to Russia looking for a better life- wound up in Manitoba, Canada. At German club he met Flaie Slochim, she was born in Warsaw also – never met there, got a homestead (had to improve property – then it was your). They lived in a doug out in side of hill.

They had to wrap up baby Lidia in a shirt.

There is a picture of grandpa with his pet bear.

Logged property for 3-4 years.

Lidia was born 1900 (1899-1901 records were burned in court house fire)

1911 they moved to TX for less than a year then moved to OK.

Roys Family:

  • Marco – oldest
  • ?
  • Rhubin
  • Phillip Allen Jr, hated “Al”
  • Luciel
  • Cousin Phil,
  • George Pat Roys

Lots of “Pat & Mike” jokes – Irish.

The 4 older brothers made up a quartet, they would sing during the Amature Hour between movies to get in free. They would pay for their dates, see a movie, excuse themselves , go up on stage to sing. Marco was the best singer. All were base. He would sing “Asleep in the deep” and win 1st place all the time.

Lidia and her brothers and sisters would kid each other about being Polacks or ‘hangaks’ They were Germans born in Warsaw but never really Polish.

We had a dog part german shepard part big dog. The dog would sit on the running boards as we drove around. once dad made a tight turn and the dog went straight – yelping. We had to slow down while the dog caught up and got back on the running boards.

Reuben graduated from Eastman school, top bookkeeper. Rich kids paid him to do their books.

Aunt Emma lived with Lidia and family. When Keith was born he had colic and would start crying in the middle of the night, and the only thing she could do was pick him up and rock him. It worked, they developed quite a bond.

Vocation Class Seaside OR 38. Mom taught girls to sew and I learned woodcrafts. Wakefield family taught crafts. 

He was a retired missionary, he had malaria had to move to Seaside OR. Wednesday night social that is where I learned “winkum”

Dad worked for Weyerhaeuser, logging – one log per truck. It took at least two days per tree. Most was Fir, some Hemlock, some Cedar. The trucks would come down to the office and get ‘scaled’ before heading to the mill.

After Weyerhaeuser logged it out he went to work for Corverse & Hitchmen and for bunkhouses and office in Elsie OR, wide spot in road. Lived in stree6t car used them for offices bunkhouses, mess hall, etcv.

Less than a year,m moved back to.

Started freshman year in Seaside then moved back to Arkansas. First dad told me Father needed help. Truth was the company wanted him to cook the books. He called parents and moved back home, quit the job. He won’t admit it, make a scandle. Turned out Father wasn’t feeling too good. Needed help with hardware store. Russellville, Arkansas. Frank had to graduate Jr. High School twice. Arkansas had a high school system that Seaside didn’t.

After I graduated from 8th in AR went back to Seaside for the summer. House had an alley running behind it. One day a truck dropped off a snag – a 20 foot piece without any limbs. A man with a gas powered cross cut saw and sliced it into 16″ sections. It was my job to use axe, wedges and sledge hammer – bust it up into firewood big pieces for fireplace and heater and some for kitchen stove and kindling. 3 sizes. In winter place we would block off fireplace with plywood p,ae a stove heater with pipe through hole.

Lived in basement apartment of a hotel at ground level. When it rained we had to walk planks.

I was a pinsetter at bowling alley. half dozen of us. We went to beach and got cracked crab.

Tarter Sauce:

  • 4 Mayo
  • 3 Ketchup
  • 1 Relish
  • Dash lemon juice.

Went to my place to eat it as it was closest. 13-14 years old. We worked 7-11 when they closed. Had to guess what it was made with